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6.03, 228!

January 19, 2009

The second run today was a 6.03, with a top end speed of 228 mph. The final run was a 6.15 at 229 mph.

All in all today, we put in three consecutive  coast-to-coast runs (6.07, 6.03 and 6.15),  all with no tire smoke or shake.

The last run of the day was the slowest, but perhaps the most satisfying. As dusk approached—and with the LVMS’s taco stand cerrado, its porta-potties padlocked and a looming hard deadline of a 4 pm track closure—this team experienced its first real thrash. The boys busted their asses and delivered a perfect racecar, beating the track’s shut-down time and enabling us to make another run and post a number.

Not only did the guys work as a unit to make the last call, everybody on the team – Paolo, Porter, Tim, Keller, Vince, Smokey, Mike McCain and Don Nelson – kept their poise and composure. The guys also displayed a cool confidence on the starting line, which is no mean feat when one factors in that everybody on the squad had new assignments and job descriptions this weekend.

After an extended apprenticeship under Donnie Couch, and now under the current tutelage of Roland Leong, I am confident to say that the team has arrived.

All of which bodes well  for the next outing of McCain’s Bomb Squad Nitro Funny Car, whose time and place is … a surprise.






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  1. J-So permalink
    January 20, 2009 3:55 pm

    Cool. Glad you finally able to drive that thing a full pass. Knock ’em out.

  2. DamnYankee permalink
    January 22, 2009 6:38 pm

    back to the future! I’d so much rather watch this kind of drag racing than sub 4 second 1000′ boredom!!!! Good luck! I wish I could see this in florida

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