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McCain’s Bomb Squad Live at The Winternationals!

January 23, 2009

Details are still coming together, but the McCain’s Bomb Squad Nitro Funny Car has been invited to run exhibition passes at the NHRA Winternationals at Pomona in February.

McCain’s ’73 Duster will be part of a package put together by NHRA Heritage Series Majordomo Steve Gibbs as a tool to promote that series, as well as provide drag race fans with a tease of the upcoming Heritage Series Opener, the March Meet at Famoso Raceway.

Look for McCain’s Bomb Squad and a few other retro-style Nitro Funny Cars to light up the fabled Pomona drag strip on the weekend of February 7th and 8th, between Pro Sessions on Saturday and after the semi-finals on Sunday. The “plastic fantastics” will be accompanied by a few nitro-burning AA/Fuel Dragster also….

Nitromaniacs with a sense of history will be satisfied to know that with the inclusion of the McCain’s Bomb Squad entry at the Winternationals, this is the return of its tuner, Roland Leong, to the proving ground where he won  Top Eliminator in both 1965 and 1966 with his Hawaiian Top Fuel dragsters. (Although his re-appearance at Pomona is part of an exhibition, this in no manner diminishes the intensity of Roland’s ever-competitive spirit.)



(photo c/o Bill Pitts & )

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