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Winternationals A Washout for McCain’s Bomb Squad

February 8, 2009

As we file this post, track-drying continues at Pomona and the NHRA is going to attempt to run elimination rounds today for the Pro cars at the heretofore besotted and drenched Winternationals; because of a compressed schedule and damp conditions, one of the sacrifices to the itinerary is the planned passes by NHRA Heritage Series Nitro cars (including an appearance by Mendy Fry and the McCain’s Bomb Squad).

(Unfortunately this weekend, because of the weather the team never got a chance to turn a Goodyear tire.)

McCain’s Bomb Squad is uncertain about testing and tuning — and checking the efficacy  of the “top secret” tuning changes Roland Leong planned to implement — before the March Meet (the season opener for the Heritage Series).

NHRA Heritage Series majordomo Steve Gibbs expressed disappointment with the cancellation, but extended invitations to the teams here to run at the season-ending NHRA World Finals at Pomona in November.


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