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March 7, 2009

Good news: The car is now making it to the big end of the drag strip. In this session, McCain’s Bomb Squad recorded a 6.28, good for the 11th spot on the leader board, out of 29 Nitro Funny Cars. Not as great: Only the quickest 8 cars get to run for tomorrow’s March Meet title, and we have one shot left to improve. Meanwhile, the car is still shaking. Since a very successful and promising Las Vegas test and tune in January, we have been hammered by tire shake.

Traditionally, tire shake is a function of the car being under-powered for track conditions. Nowadays, drag racers have come to find out that too much power can also cause the car to shake. Too much or too little? That is what we have been trying to figure out since last weekend’s test here at Famoso Raceway. We think we know… and with that knowledge, I was instructed by Roland Leong to pedal or short-shift if the car began to shake, which it did. So I did.

Still: We were able to record a 6.28, about four second quicker than yesterday’s useless run. We need to run a 6.0 this afternoon to be in the show tomorrow. Soften it up? Or lid, can and label? Stay tuned.

6.28, with one shot left

6.28, with one shot left



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