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March 7, 2009

More good news: We ran quicker! The car turned a 6.10 in the final session of qualifying for the 51st March Meet. Straight as a rail, and no tire-shake.

The not-so-good news: So did everybody else! The bump spot for the Quick 8 ended up being a 5.96, posted by Dennis Taylor in my old ride, the Future Flash Charger.

So we qualified 12th in the Nitro Funny Car class and missed the “A” Main, but by virtue of the 6.10 clocking, we got into the consolation eliminator, or the “B” Main (which is reserved for qualifiers 9 through 16).

In a manner of speaking, tomorrow’s  “B” eliminator is kind of pointless, i.e. no points will be awarded towards the Heritage Series Season Title.

But since we are in the B-Main, making more laps does have a point. We want to make the car quicker and faster for the Heritage Series race at Sacramento in June, as well as the upcoming match race against the Future Flash in Vegas.

So: The top end is relatively weak, which is what we want to improve upon. If we can make it “mile-an-hour” tomorrow,  I hope to post my first five in a Nitro Funny Car.

Roland Leong give Mendy Fry some last minute advice

Roland Leong give Mendy Fry some last minute advice

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