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April 25, 2009

Here’s the first news from Funny Car Fever in Sacramento: Last night on a cold, slippery and green track,  we were able to claim the provisional #2 position on the 16-car Nitro Funny Car ladder. By virtue of posting a quarter-mile elapsed time of 6.63 seconds, we ended up slated behind Kris Krabill, who claimed the #1 spot  with a 6-flat.

This was our first pass with Smoky Alleman tuning McCain’s Bomb Squad. His tune-up is based on tweaks to ideas that tuner/consultant Roland Leong came up with at the March Meet and it seems to be paying off, especially considering that I shut off the engine at 1000 feet into the run (as corroborated by our 177-mph top end speed, in contrast to Krabill’s stout 242-mph clocking.)

Qualifying was marred by a  scary crash, involving “Fast Jack” Beckman, last week’s Funny Car winner at NHRA’s Atlanta drag race, and a driver who came to Sacrament to moonlight in a vintage-style Funny Car. Unfortunately, Jack bounced off athe guardwall and turned upside down in Lee Paul Jenning’s American Revolution Camaro.

I was strapped in McCain’s Bomb Squad Duster, waiting our turn to run when the crash happened. I didn’t see it; I could only hear it. Net, net: Beckman is okay; the race car not so much.

More qualifying today. Eliminations later this afternoon. Stay tuned.

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  1. July 22, 2009 7:12 am

    ne’er imagined a lady better at the “speed” addiction than that “Morgage” Indy…. ? >>>
    Consider that real racing ? > Indy’s stuff iz kool.
    Drag Racin’!
    Must be that engine fry’In apart that iz so exciting.
    Have trouble with the “motorcycle” madmen at time..z?
    Grin’z & Giggle’z Nitro Kitty.
    Perhaps you should post a page/link about Dad > ?
    Where’s his “tech.” stuff.
    Curious about how these “blowers” work.Itz still confusing to me – higher compression & all that.
    I read the other day that a diesel won’t detonate.
    Seein’ pages of SPEED like this makes me miss my motorbike(z) like an X-girlfriend….xo
    Nick Mick

  2. jim de turbiville permalink
    July 27, 2009 7:24 pm

    your still the fastest woman i have ever hung out with.

  3. jimbo spokane permalink
    January 12, 2010 8:53 pm

    I love nostalgia fuel cars! I am obsessed with it. I am a nobody who wants to live a dream. at 50 now The passion has only grown more. Didnt see you guys up here in spokane at the nitro nats july/aug. Was really hopeing to. I want to help out on a crew( bad). If you make it up here this yr. i can hang out all weekend! Do whatever. I am pretty mechanical and an attention to detail kinda guy. Fixed alot of my own rides over the yr. love to learn more and not shy ( i am a part time professional clown as well of 20+ yrs) Love following you mendy on the net and the bomb squad. Wishing and praying you have your best yr. yet coming up! Nostalgia nitro is like blood in my veins cant do without it! Take care Jimbo spokane wa.

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