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September 7, 2010

Did you see the cover of this week’s National Dragster?? –MF.

NHRA’s cover description: “Leah Pruett-LeDuc, Adam Sorokin, and Mendy Fry are among the stars and the Beach City Corvette among the cars featured in our special nostalgia racing issue. (Marc Gewertz and Tim Sutton photos)”

Inside of National Dragster’s Nostalgia Racing Special: “NHRA Historical Services, Adam Sorokin, Leah Pruett-LeDuc, Mendy Fry, Roland Leong, tribute Funny Cars, Donnie Couch’s West Coast Funny Car Factory, the AA/FC Challenge presented by Lucas Oil, the Paso Posse, and Sportsman stars of the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series.”

Bad ass!

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  1. Devin Singleton permalink
    September 14, 2010 9:46 pm

    Hey Mendy just read your article in the naitional drgaster very inspiring to me. I to was born around the cars and always inspired to be a nitro pilot. Well now I’m 30 and only have driven a jr. dragster but will be putting my funnycar together next year chassis sitting in the shop. I really disliked Shirley Muldowneys comment towards you but it happens. You have the drive and it payed off like you stated, I can’t beleive NHRA is fallen because of corporate stupidy so their are very few real racers left in the pro categories just dollar signs, but nostalgia racing is real racing and real people have to agree.

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