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April 28, 2011

Mike Fuller Motorsports AA/FD (photo by Jennifer Luna)

After a year-long hiatus from competition, popular NHRA Heritage Series driver Mendy “Nitro Kitty” Fry will return to the hot seat when she wheels the Mike Fuller Motorsports AA/Fuel Dragster in a match race contested during this weekend’s Super Chevy event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

This is a sort of bookends for Fry, who originally gained notoriety in Top Fuel dragsters by becoming the first woman to clock a quarter-mile Top Speed over 250 mph, before climbing out of those volatile machines in 2008 and accepting posts in a pair of Nitro Funny Cars.

When asked about her decision to return to the ferocious, fiery front-engine dragsters, Fry said: “Why Top Fuel? And why now? I dunno, probably because Fuller asked!”

She then compared the two forms of NHRA Heritage Series nitro-burning machines and reasoned: “Honestly, I had considered the (front-engine) Top Fuel chapter of my life closed—I sat behind the motor for three seasons, ducked parts, paid my dues on skinny tires, and moved on to funny cars where, quite frankly, things were totally happening. But the chance to work with Mike and his team is pretty compelling. I’m very tight with him and all of his guys—you can’t ask for a better group of people!”

She then spoke of the difficulties and technical complexity with the dragsters, and with the Mike Fuller entry in specific. “All of that aside,” she said, “there’s the challenge of the ride itself. It’s no secret that this once hard-hitting team has been struggling of late. I don’t think that struggle has been driver-related at all, but to be the driver in the seat when they figure the tune-up out would be pretty cool. It’s no doubt that this thing has more whistles and gadgets than a street-corner, one-man band (trained monkey on the music box being me!), so I’ve got a little catching up and a learning curve going on.  But they’re willing to put up with that, so I say, let’s do it. We’re going to try it out at this Vegas deal, and then go from there. I’ve been stuck in work-related doldrums that only a snootful of nitro can release me from. So, we’re going to strap my ass in this ride and see what we can do!”

Fuller and Fry will be among four fuelers that will square off at Vegas: The others are Bill Dunlap in the Circuit Breaker, Neal & White and Brendan Murry’s “Running Wild” entry.

AA/Fuel Dragster action goes down at noon and 3 PM on Saturday, April 30th, and again at 1 PM on Sunday, May 1st.

"Nitro Kitty" Mendy Fry (photo by Richard Rogers)

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  1. Jason Myers permalink
    March 4, 2012 12:41 pm

    Hello Mendy! It is soo good to, see you running again! YOU have come a long way from the day’s, used to see you drive your red roadster! I used to see you run at Bayland’s all the time… Fast forward to, March 3rd, 2012…. Wow! You were awesome qulifying, yesterday! I wish you the best of luck in the finals, today!

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